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Chef LSM Grace Jamaican and Caribbean Award “Chef Lawrence’s food philosophy is rooted in cooking with the freshest, seasonal and locally grown foods available. I love showing people how simple, nourishing and delicious food can be. I’m passionate about educating people on how food should make them feel healthy, vibrant, and alive!” -Chef LSM

Chef LSM - Private Chef for Michael Jordan Chef Lawrence Stewart Males is a well-known all around dynamic chef that will bring all the flavor of life and experience into your events or table! With many years in the business as well as constant culinary practice Chef LSM has been part of many prestigious gatherings such as a private dinner and fundraiser for President Obama as well as working with NFL & NBA players helping them with their nutrition goals to meet optimum playing potential such as with Trent Williams in South Beach during off season before he went on to make the Pro Bowl that year.

Chef Lawrence’s entrepreneurial spirit combined with his love of catering to specific clients needs, led him to embark on a career as a Private Bespoke Chef and Personal Chef ten years ago. Since then he has been creating specialized hand crafted culinary masterpieces for an array of clients. He feels most fulfilled hosting intimate small dinner parties or working for clients with specific dietary needs and goals.

A lot of Chef Lawrence’s recent culinary Chef LSM - Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay - Food Network inspiration stems from his traveling abroad to Spain and Israel. The Chef has always advocated and incorporated healthy cooking. Chef LSM especially recommends the Mediterranean diet which he witnessed firsthand and has impacted and inspired him to teach his clients of its benefits. After all “Good food is wise medicine.” ~Alison Levitt M.D

For the last 10 years Chef LSM has serviced the most discerning clients in South Florida, NY, and North Carolina. Chef LSM clients are singles, couples, professionals, business CEO(s) and families with children interested in creatively prepared and healthy meals. Whether it is private or corporate as well as dedicated chef services, Chef LSM is more than ready for all your culinary needs and will give you an exotic as well as international experience with fusions of his own design! Call Chef LSM today at (561) 376-8837! 



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