Empanada King

“They are a healthier alternative to fast food, especiallyEmpanadas made by Chef LSM when baked (not fried) and their tasty, filling, easy to prepare and eat” – Chef LSM “The Empanada King”.

With his clients and with national makets, Chef LSM is know as the “Empanada King” for his delicious and flavorful empanadas and recipes. You may have even tasted his fusion recipe in stores Wholefoods and the like. Chef LSM’s empanadas are reaching far throughout the country!

Empanadas are golden pastries stuffed with different fillings, like meat, cheese, potatoes or olives, and then either fried or baked. Since they’re portable, they’re served at parties, eaten as snacks or as a meal. Empanadas are consumed all over South America, Spain and parts of the Caribbean. Depending on the region, the shells (also called discs) are often made out of either wheat, corn or cassava flour.

The original Spanish-Caribbean flavor you’ve come to know and love in every mouth watering bite.

  •     Our fillings are simmered to perfection with just the right touch of spices and peppers     uniquely from the islands and always handmade.
  •     Try them for breakfast, lunch or dinner, as a delicious snack or serve them at any party.
  •     They are great for restaurant service, cafeterias, delis, parties and catering events.


Chef LSM Empanad King Specials We have unique fillings like spicy Mango Chicken, Salmon w/ Dill, Asian Vegie, Beef w/ sweet plantain and even organic offerings. Just contact us for details.
We do Artisan Style Empanadas

For prices & to place an order Contact Chef Lawrence at info@cheflsm.com or call (561) 376-8837.