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              0532-80987750 / 0532-80987726 Whatsapp: 0086 17867102089
              Hotline: Whatsapp:0086 17867102089
              ABOUT US

              Cleaning World, Risense Technology


              Qingdao Risense Mechatronics Co.,Ltd was founded in 2010 and is a high and new tech enterprise which sets R &D,Production, sales, service in one scale and covers the floor area of 26000 square meters with more than 400 staff.


              Risense car wash machine is famous for its high safety, high convenience, high economy and high adaptability.


              Risense car wash machines have comprehensive advantage of water-saving, energy saving, environmental protection, easy-to-use and durable so they are deeply loved by their customers since they are available in the market.


              Risense is showered with honors in plenty successively and is also named: industrial “hidden champions”, “Mountain Goats” in Shanghai Province, Qingdao demonstration enterprise of new, distinctive, specialized and sophisticated” and “qingdao enterprise technology center” . Also we won the second prize in the competition of national innovation entrepreneurship” and offered excellent solution for smart city on-the-spot service etc.


              Risense has passed a large number of professional certifications, such as ISO9001 quality system certification, CE quality certifications, ISO 14001 environmental certification, ISO 45001 occupational health and safety certification, assessment and certification of integration of informationization and industralization management system, credit certification from Credit Rating and Certification Center of Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation and American UL certification.


              Risense has also obtained 9 invention patents, 6 software copyrights, and at the same time, more than 30 utility model patent.


              Risense has been in the leading position in the cleaning technology. Risense business field ranges from machine design, electron, ECU, information intelligence, automation to cross-platform development etc. so that all of Risense intelligent car wash machine can be unattendedly operated.


              The latest generation of intelligent car washing machine developed by Risense has reached the millimeter-level recognition of the vehicle shape. So that any type of vehicle can be cleaned safely. Risense car washing technology is the most advanced in the world at present.


              Risense has a wide range of car washing equipment covering six categories with more than 40 models so we could provide different model to the customer with different requirement. It is very convenient for our customers to realize one-stop purchase here.


              I. Risense’s main car wash equipment includes:

              touchless car wash machine

              gantry rollover car wash machine

              tunnel car wash machine

              bus truck wash machine

              truck wheel wash machine

              motorcar shower testing line cleaning equipment

              container car washing machine

              cow washing machine


              self service car washing machine

              boat washing machine

              military vehicles, tanks, armored vehicles washing machine

              train washing machine

              Shenbo waterless washing machine


              II. Risense disinfecting and washing machine includes:

              garbage truck disinfecting and washing machine

              ambulance disinfecting and washing machine

              pig farm disinfecting and washing machine

              pig transporting vehicle disinfecting and washing machine

              drying, disinfecting, sterilizing and deodorization equipment


              III. The accessory products of the car washing machine includes

              Car mat cleaner, blower vacuum cleaning, water recycling machine, interior sweeper,  high pressure water gun, high pressure and high temperature cleaning machine, chassis washing machine and car wheel washing machine.

              Car washing shampoo, wax, wipe free solution, wax coating, disinfecting car washing shampoo, lava shampoo, Tyre/wheel car washing shampoo and other consumables.


              IV. The advantage of the informationized platform

               In order to enable our customer to realize online operation, Risense especially developed enabling informationized platform. The platform connects the intelligent equipment, business flow, operator, products and the terminal closely with the customer through the way of IOE so that the deep integration of people to people, thing to thing and people to thing can be realized.


              V. The advantage of after-sales service

              At present, Risense’s after-sales service team has more than 100 staff in 24 after-sales service center across the country so that 100% response can be achieved at home.


              Risense intelligent after-sales service platform makes the remote diagnosis and maintenance of the equipment come true. The information of equipment maintenance and failure will be transmitted to the service center of the information platform or to the phone of the maintenance personnel. At the same time, the spare parts of the machine can be purchased online which has greatly increased the accuracy,convenience and timeliness of our after-sales service.


              Risense’s corporate philosophy is to “satisfy customers, satisfy employee, and make products first-class”. We are your friends forever.


              Market research of car wash
              Factory premises is about 25,000 square meters.
              Now Risense has management personnel, senior engineer, sales personnel, service personnel more than 200.
              more than 10 Patent Technologies
              more than 10 technology certificates
              Export department with Australian STEVE

              Now Risense has more than 200 workers with our own team of senior engineers and about 30,000 square meters, 6 big workshops. We are the biggest original manufacturer which are specialized in the production of car wash machine in China.


              On the basis of 40 years’ experience of Japanese advanced manufacturing, combining the high technologies from Europe and America, Risense is more advanced than peers for 15 years. Now we are able to produce Japanese, Europe and US car washing equipment. Till now, we have developed six series washing machines as follows:

              1. Touch free car wash machine

              2. Rollover car wash machine with brushes

              3. Tunnel car wash machine with brushes

              4. Bus/lorry wash machine with brushes

              5. Self-service car wash machine

              6. Automatic wheel wash systems

              Widely used
              In China, the car washing machines are widely used at:car beauty shop, professional car washing bay, gas station, 4S shop, Parking station, residential area and so on. While only Risense has annual sales of more than 600 sets. And we are able to produce 800 sets one year.
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