Cooking Classes

Invite Chef Lawrence into your home or Chef LSM Adult Classes other setting to share his love of food and teaching with a private or group cooking class.

Florida, Israel & The Mediterranean is a food lover’s paradise filled with fruits, vegetables and an array of spices. Our diverse ethnic neighborhoods supply us with ingredients from around the world. Class menus will utilize locally grown ingredients and can be developed with your tastes and interests in mind.

Whether you, your business or your family is looking to continue a culinary education or just want to have fun while learning how to cook, Chef LSM is always ready and the best chef to teach you!


Chef LSM Cooking Classes, he loves it. Class topic suggestions:

-Busy singles or couples who would like to learn to how to cook

-Date night or Girls Night Out classes

-Party themed classes, birthday, bridal showers, team building

-Quick meals designed for new or busy parents

-Re-organize your kitchen and pantry, tips for shopping and storage

-Mystery Box” dinner, quick dinners ready in under 30 minutes utilizing ingredients on hand




“My food philosophy is rooted in cooking with the freshest, seasonal and locally grown foods available. Che LSM Kids Cooking Classes I love teaching people how simple, nourishing and delicious food can be. I’m passionate about educating people on how food should make them feel healthy, vibrant, and alive!”

-Chef LSM

Class prices are determined by the number of attendees and food ingredient costs. Price for “What’s for Dinner?” service will be based on the number of servings per meal, the number of days per week and food ingredient costs.




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